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This song expresses the difficulty in building a solid and reliable relationship of trust between individuals. The first contact with others is mostly based on false impressions. At first glance, most people try to impress instead of showing their true color. Each person has something deep down to teach us from their knowledge, their experiences and their experiences. Apprends-moi, it is to be true, to let discover your personality and your true values.

Cloud of Pain

This song is about unrequited love, how difficult it is to disclose your feelings to your loved one and sometimes regret having disclosed them. It is difficult to cure it immediately. But as this song says: The cloud of Pain is moving further and further away. I can finally feel the sun warming me up and brightening my days.

Les larmes parlent dans le silence

It’s hard to be great, when the words want to come out loud and the conversation is one way. It’s easier to shut up, when all we mean is: Listen to me.

Right or Wrong?

This song is a reflection on equality that continues to crumble around the world. Racism, the gap between men and women, respect between humans, freedom of speech and physical and verbal violence


What all young girls commonly experience with the social pressures of beauty, the look of others versus the look on oneself, physical appearance and popularity. How to avoid thinking that goes beyond stereotypes.


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