Caught Me On A Bad Day

Hi I'm Sorrene. Thank you for checking out my website 😊.

I just released my first New Country Rock song called «Caught Me On A Bad Day» đŸ€ 

«Caught Me On a Bad Day» is about how anyone can have a bad day, like ANYONE, and that’s okay! The important thing is to realize «That's the way that it goes sometimes, you can't always walk in the sunshine» as the powerful lyrics of the song say.

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New Single
A Smile Brings Good Feeling

The New Summer 2024 song. Radiant lyrics, warm and comforting melody to sing out loud that invites you to dance and let go. «JUST ONE THING YOU NEED» in such a fragile time of the greater sphere of life.

Sorrene likes to talk about subjects that touch people. Co-written with Kevin Bazinet, Winner of The Voice 3, they surrounded themselves with a solid team of musicians such as; the renowned Olivier Savoie Campeau on drums, Guyaume Huot on guitar, CĂ©drick Tremblay on base and the multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Bazinet, we find him on guitar and organ.In addition to directing, he co-produced A Smile Brings Good Feelings with RĂ©seau VoixLĂ .

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