I am a 19 year old performer, songwriter and composer. Music has been part of my life since I was very young. I started doing musical theatre at the age of 4. I got some lead roles and in one of them at the age of 5 where I was also sinning. I did TV commercials and TV appearances.

I have participated in several singing competitions among which, I'm proud to say, I received the first prize. But above all, being staged, having contact with people, being recognized by my public, that's really what gives me the most joy and pleasure, that's where I feel in my place.

I am always smiling, dynamic, ambitious and determined. Performing arts and singing are my passions combined with that of writing my own compositions.

Since 2019, I have been working, for the musical arrangements, with the incredible Kevin Bazinet, Grand Winner of The Voice 3 in Quebec.

In June 2020, my compositions are now available on digital platforms. It's the start of a great adventure. I hope that my songs, inspired by my experiences, will touch people and bring them as much happiness as when I sing them.

La Voix 9 - 2023

I won the hearts of the 4 coaches, who all turned around, during my performance at the blind auditions. In Marc Dupré's team, I won the Duels, the battles and I won my place for Les Directs, in the final. I won a place for myself with my 4 performances!

Caught Me On A Bad Day

In September 2023, my first Country Rock - New Country song «Caught Me On A Bad Day» is finally out!

This song is about how anyone can have a bad day, like ANYONE, and that’s okay! The important thing is to realize «That's the way that it goes sometimes, you can't always walk in the sunshine» as the powerful lyrics of the song say.

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My song ended up in the MEDIABASE Top 100 after one week of its release on September 29, 2023.

So proud to be part of this beautiful ADISQ playlist, among very talented artists that I had the chance to meet and share the stage.

New Country Fans Show

In November 2023, I presented my new show in a full band format. I interpret, in my own way, the greatest hits that rock the world of Rock/New Country and some of my original titles. «Sorrene Live» then becomes the new version of this show which is now presented in several locations.

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A Smile Brings Good Feeling

In January 2024, my new original composition Country-Gospel co-written with Kevin Bazinet is available on all digital platforms. Surrounded by a solid team of musicians such as; the renowned Olivier Savoie Campeau on drums, Guyaume Huot on guitar, Cédrick Tremblay on base and the multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Bazinet, we find him on guitar and organ. In addition to directing, he co-produced A Smile Brings Good Feelings with Réseau VoixLà.

Please take time to discover my universe by browsing my website and my social networks.

Keep on Shining!

My musical background

Here are the events where I was invited to sing and the competitions I participated.

Recent Archives

At the Marie-Prose artistic school, Sorrene in the Broadway play.

Marie-Prose Art School and Sorrene pay tribute to One-Hit Wonders in a colorful show!

At the final of the «Prévostars Talent Contest» with my interpretation of «No One».

After a year of piano lessons with the «Académie Grégory», I receive my well-deserved diploma!

Finale of the «Anjou Star» singing competition with my interpretation of «Never Enough»

Following a singing competition, I was selected to sing at «St-Jean» for the first part of the «2 Brothers» show.

Finale of the «Rivière-du-Nord» singing contest at the Red Carpet auditorium in St-Jérôme.

Theatrical Play Matilda - Sorrene as Miss Trunchbull.