It is possible to listen to my music as well as the interviews I conducted on the following radio stations:

Radio CKVL 100.1 FM

CKVL is the FM radio for the great southwest of the island of Montreal.

The radio has more than 858,000 listeners.

CKVL named by ADISQ in the categories «Community radio station of the year 2022 – Central and regional markets».

Web Radio: CJMS Media 2.0

CJMS 2.0 is THE web radio of all generations. It's one of a kind. All music lovers are well served here. By tuning into CJMS Country, CJMS Rock and CJMS POP, you will have a good time listening to music from HERE and elsewhere in addition to supporting our next generation in their language choice. It is also a support platform for all independent artists who wish to be broadcast on radio.

Meet FM 93.3

Meet FM Dunkirk, Europe is an intercultural association radio station broadcasting in the Dunkirk conurbation on the frequency 93.3FM. With its flagship program VOXPOPULI *, the only place where artists are given a voice, we discover the new talents of established, emerging and emerging artists, whose notoriety has endured for years. This radio also offers various programs including on the history of music. * The VOXPOPULI program airs every Monday at 2:00 p.m. (Quebec) and 8:00 p.m. (Europe).

Web Radio: PunchRadio

Dive into the heart of a unique hearing experience, where innovation meets passion for music and emerging talents. Welcome to Punch-Radio, the station that will awaken and energize your auditory senses like never before.

Imagine yourself transported into a world of sound where every note, every melody and every rhythm is carefully selected to create a captivating symphony. Punch-Radio pushes the limits of traditional radio by providing a platform where music comes to life, where vibrations intertwine to envelop your mind in a whirlwind of emotions.

Web Radio: Radio Net Qc

Music-based web radio, whatever your style. Radio Net Quebec also covers musical shows in Quebec.

Web Radio: Générations XYZ

The music of yesterday and today.